Congresswoman Martha McSally

Representing the 2nd District of Arizona

Congresswoman Martha McSally Attends Signing of NDAA with President Trump at Fort Drum

August 13, 2018
Press Release
President Trump Thanks Congresswoman McSally for Her Service and Support of the Troops

FORT DRUM, NEW YORK - Today, U.S. Representative Martha McSally was one of six Members of Congress who attended after being invited by the White House to witness President Trump sign the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) for Fiscal Year 2019 into law. Representatives McSally was one of a select few chosen to join President Trump at Fort Drum for this special occasion.

The National Defense Authorization Act provides important funding for U.S. military operations across the globe. This legislation directly addresses the military readiness crisis and includes the largest pay raise for troops since 2010. In this NDAA, Congresswoman McSally successfully secured critical funding for the A-10 wing replacement program, the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter program, and other crucial capabilities. The final bill includes a total of $144 million for new A-10 wings to re-wing between 14-20 planes.

“I'm working with President Trump to rebuild our military and grow our defense assets to ensure we continue to have the strongest military in the world. We are repairing the harm done by the Obama Administration, which cut funding to our military and vital defense assets for almost a decade. We are restoring readiness and increasing capability and capacity in a force that has been asked to do too much with too little for too long," said Congresswoman McSally. “The NDAA gives our troops a much-deserved raise; provides funding for the A-10s based at Davis-Monthan; supports the F-35s based at Luke AFB and Marine Corps Air Station Yuma; and also provides millions for base upgrades. This bill also supports Arizona’s leading defense industry by increasing investment in critical munitions, next generation weapons systems, and much more.”

During the event, President Trump spoke about his working relationship with Congresswoman McSally when he said “There’s another Member of Congress here today who is not only an Air Force veteran, but the first woman ever to fly a fighter jet in combat in U.S. history and I have gotten to know her very well and she is terrific, Congresswoman Martha McSally, thank you Martha, thank you for being here, thank you very much.” 

Since taking office in 2015, Representative McSally has led on defense issues in the House, fighting to repair and rebuild our military and securing funding for Arizona's defense assets. To help restore military readiness, the NDAA authorizes billions of dollars that would rehabilitate worn out military equipment and commits to repairing aircrafts, tanks,  vessels as well as crumbling military buildings and infrastructure. To help bolster national security, the NDAA allocates millions of dollars towards strengthening America’s cyber defense systems against ongoing campaigns of cyber-attacks and hacking.

These funding authorizations will keep Arizona at the forefront of our nation’s defense infrastructure, including support for Arizona’s military installations:

  • Davis-Monthan Air Force Base: $15 million for a long-overdue Aerospace Ground Equipment (AGE) facility.
  • Luke Air Force Base: $40 million for additional military construction for F-35 aircraft maintenance unit facility and squad operations.
  • Increased resources for our testing ranges at the Yuma Proving Ground, the Electronic Proving Ground at Ft. Huachuca, and the Barry M. Goldwater ranges, with an additional $58.9 million to improve and modernize these major combat range and test facility bases. This includes procurement of advanced threat radar systems to improve open-air range test capabilities for next-generation equipment and aerial armament.

Click HERE or watch below the video of President Trump’s remarks about Congresswoman McSally.