Congresswoman Martha McSally

Representing the 2nd District of Arizona

House Passes U.S. Rep. McSally Bill to Protect Seniors

September 14, 2016
Press Release

Legislation from Green Valley Constituent is 9th McSally Bill to Pass House

WASHINGTON, D.C. – The U.S. House of Representatives today passed with bipartisan support U.S. Representative Martha McSally’s bill to stop a tax hike on seniors and roll it back on middle class Americans. The bill, which is Rep. McSally’s 9th to pass the House, originated from the work of Green Valley constituent, Loren Thorson, who first brought the little-known tax hike to Rep. McSally’s attention.

“Many Arizona seniors have saved their entire lives in the hopes of a secure retirement. It would be completely unfair now to hand them the bill for the runaway spending of the past few years,” said Congresswoman McSally. “Our bill stops this looming tax hike before it hits seniors and rolls it back on middle class families already being squeezed by it. I thank Congresswoman Sinema and all the supporters of this bill for their efforts to get it to this point. While I wish Loren could have been here to see his idea get a vote on the House floor, we will continue to work to carry on his efforts and stop this tax hike in its tracks.”

"Arizonans continue to struggle with increasing health care costs," said Congresswoman Sinema.  "This commonsense legislation allows Arizona seniors and families to deduct more of their out-of-pocket health care expenses, a relief sorely needed during tough economic times."

“Many Arizona seniors already face high out of pocket medical costs. Increasing this tax deduction threshold on them will only cost them more,” said Dana M. Kennedy, AARP Arizona State Director. “AARP is proud of the bipartisan work of Representative McSally and Representative Sinema to preserve this important medical deduction and help ensure seniors in Arizona with high health care costs do not also get hit with tax hikes."

Currently, the IRS allows Americans with high health care costs to deduct certain out-of-pocket expenses from their taxes. Before the Affordable Care Act, seniors could deduct out-of-pocket medical costs that exceeded 7.5 percent of their Adjusted Gross Income (AGI). Starting in 2017, however, the law increases this threshold to 10% of a person’s AGI – effectively lowering how much can be deducted at the end of the year and increasing how much seniors will pay in taxes. The law took effect on Americans under 65 starting in 2013.

The Halt Tax Increases on the Middle Class and Seniors Act reverses this increase on both seniors and Americans under 65.

The bill has the wide support of seniors and taxpayer advocate groups, including AARP, Americans for Prosperity, 60 Plus, Americans for Tax Reform, the Association of Mature American Citizens, and the National Taxpayers Union.

Rep. McSally presents to Green Valley constituent Loren Thorson Congressional Record comments recognizing his efforts to protect seniors. Thorson passed away on March 8, 2016.

For a PDF of the bill text, click HERE.