Congresswoman Martha McSally

Representing the 2nd District of Arizona

McSally Clears Next Hurdle for A-10 Re-Wing Funding

June 26, 2018
Press Release
McSally Amendment Will Fund A-10 Wing Replacement Program to the Full NDAA Levels for Fiscal Year 2019

WASHINGTON, D.C. - Today, the U.S. House of Representatives passed Congresswoman Martha McSally’s amendment to increase funding for the A-10 wing replacement program. The amendment increases the total amount of funding for new A-10 wings to $144 million in fiscal year 2019, which will allow for the re-winging of roughly 14-20 planes.

“Three years ago, when I first came to Congress I began the fight against the Obama administration and their plan to mothball the entire A-10 Warthog fleet. This is an airplane I flew and commanded in combat - I know a little bit about it and we won that fight,” said Congresswoman McSally. “Since then, the Warthog has continued to be deployed to multiple combat theaters, in some of the most contested environments around the globe. If we only appropriate the base request currently included in the bill we will only secure enough funding to re-wing somewhere between 12-16 aircrafts. At that rate it could take nearly a decade to re-wing the remaining 109 A-10s. That’s not fast enough. These missions are happening NOW. We are literally flying the wings off these airplanes and our enemies won’t wait.”

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As of right now, there are 109 A-10’s of the 281 in the fleet that still need new wings. The Air Force initially requested $79 million for the A-10 wing replacement program this year, however, House and Senate-passed National Defense Authorization Acts (NDAA) authorized an additional $65 million for the A-10 re-winging program. The amendment brings the funding contained in the DOD appropriations bill in line with the NDAA.

A former A-10 fighter pilot, Congresswoman McSally was the driving force behind convincing the Air Force to take the A-10 out of “mothball status” in 2015 and 2016. Recently, the Air Force Secretary went on the record for the first time to confirm that the Air Force will keep the A-10 in its operational fleet until at least 2030.