Congresswoman Martha McSally

Representing the 2nd District of Arizona

Rep. McSally Takes Questions at Student Town Hall with Cienega High School Seniors

April 12, 2017
Press Release

TUCSON—U.S. Representative Martha McSally today took questions at a student town hall with Cienega High School’s senior class of roughly four hundred and fifty students. The Congresswoman answered student’s thoughtful questions on a wide range of topics including U.S. military involvement in Syria, the high cost of a college education, and the consequences of our $18 million national debt. Rep. McSally also discussed the importance of leadership, education, and her journey into military service and public service.

“I enjoyed the opportunity address Cienega High School’s senior class students today. Many students asked me questions on a broad range of issues and I appreciated our robust discussion about current events. This next generation is the future, and I encouraged these youth to continue to remain informed and engaged members of our democracy,” Rep. McSally said about her visit.

When she addressed the students, Rep. McSally told them about her time as an instructor pilot and how she would tell students before they went on their solo flight “to not do anything dumb, dangerous, or different.” As students approach graduation in five weeks, the Congresswoman gave them the same advice, urging them not to endanger their future and to use good judgment in these final weeks of school.

Principal of Cienega High School Nemer Nassey said, “450 seniors gathered in our student union today to listen Congresswoman McSally. In her opening, the Congresswoman discussed her journey to Congress and her role in the U.S. House of Representatives. Our students seized the opportunity to ask Representative McSally some difficult questions about current events, which she answered thoroughly. It was a positive experience for our students and we are so thankful she took the time to visit our school today.”

Darcy Mentone, Director of Communications and Public Affairs for the Vail Unified School District said, “It was a tremendous honor to have Congresswoman Martha McSally address the Cienega High School senior class this morning and answer their many questions about current events. When Mrs. Wright had her students wrote letters to their Congresswoman, the last thing she expected was an in-person visit to answer student questions. The Vail School District is fortunate to have such an engaged lawmaker representing us.”

Representative McSally also encouraged the high school seniors to stay informed and involved in civic engagement.

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