Congresswoman Martha McSally

Representing the 2nd District of Arizona

U.S. Rep. McSally Pays Respects to America’s Pastor, Billy Graham

February 28, 2018
Press Release
Attends Historic Memorial Service in U.S. Capitol Rotunda

WASHINGTON, DC—U.S. Representative Martha McSally today paid her respects to Reverend Billy Graham, known as America’s Pastor. She attended the historic, bicameral memorial service in the U.S. Capitol Rotunda for the American Christian Evangelist who counseled every U.S. Presidents since Truman and preached to more than 215 million people in more than 185 counties during his lifetime, beginning with his first crusade in 1947. Billy Graham is only the fourth private citizen to “lie in honor” in the Capitol Rotunda.

“Reverend Graham’s message reverberated around the world. He was a faithful servant of God, preaching the gospel and showing compassion and love to everyone that he met,” Rep. McSally said. “He spoke in person to over 200 million people and was an advisor and mentor to twelve U.S. Presidents. He truly is America’s Pastor and today America is honoring him with a privilege only offered to four people in our nation’s history. Of death, he said ‘I am looking forward to seeing God face to face’….he is now resting in God’s grace and united with Him, and I am sure that God said ‘well done, good and faithful servant.’”

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