Congresswoman Martha McSally

Representing the 2nd District of Arizona

U.S. Rep. McSally: “We must stand with Israel”

August 17, 2015
Press Release

TUCSON – U.S. Representative Martha McSally today released a blog post describing her recent trip to Israel, where she met with top Israeli and Palestinian officials and heard first-hand about the region’s most pressing national security issues. The trip comes before an anticipated vote in Congress next month on a proposed nuclear deal with Iran.

“Surrounded by constant dangers, over 5 million Israelis live under the threat of rocket attacks,” Rep. McSally writes in the blog. “This is daily life for Israelis, where thousands of civilians have less than 15 seconds to get to a bomb shelter after the sirens go off and schools and other major urban centers are often prime terrorist targets.”

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During the trip, Rep. McSally also met with top Israeli rocket scientists who briefed the delegation on defense systems in place, like the Iron Dome, to protect civilians from rocket attacks and the role of Tucson employees in supporting those systems.

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